Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Layers of Trouble, Deceit and Hate

If you're not a member of my Yahoo webgroup LoveAlTonya, then you've probably never heard mention of the Layers series. Some may be wondering why I'm calling it a series already as it presently consists of only one book.
My original intent was to craft three short stories to culminate with a full length novel. The final story would bring to a head all the revelations uncovered in the first three installments and how they are handled by the main characters Huron Base and Kamari Grade.

Well you know what they say about the best laid plans.

The first two stories were submitted for electronic distribution. Unfortunately part 2 was released before part 1. Not good! It was pulled immediately but a few people had already purchased it and a little buzz began (I'm happy to say). Readers were quite interested in the financier who hadn't quite cast off his "thuggish" ways and the lovely troubleshooter who was determined to uncover every secret he had.

I was inspired by the concept of the story because; as anyone whose read my work knows, I'm drawn to secrets and flawed characters. Layers contains a healthy stash of these elements. The only thing more wonderful for me than creating the secrets and putting together the various character 'defects' is crafting the outcomes once those layers are peeled away.

The Layers series will be pretty fast paced. As I mentioned earlier, it will consist of the three stories in the first book (Layers of Trouble, Layers of Deceit, Layers of Hate) The series will conclude with the full length title Layers of the Past.

This will be a riskier storyline especially as it pertains to the main characters. Will they survive as a couple? I encourage you to peel back the layers and discover for yourself.
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