Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Erotic Freedom

Writing Erotica, reading Erotica. Regardless of what side of the story you're on, I think we can all agree that you know when you've got Erotica in your presence.
I've been on both sides of Erotica and have experienced different emotions each time. Minds out of the gutter people! I'm talkin' intellectual emotions.
Seriously though, as any traditionally published author knows, following the house guidelines is essential to the creation of the story. Quite simply, depending on the genre there are things characters can't do and words, phrases an author can't use. Still, there are guidelines when writing Erotica- things that are considered taboo.
However, there is a freedom within the genre. It was that freedom that drove me toward my alter ego T. Onyx. Remember that 'intellectual emotion' I spoke of earlier? Well, as I started my journey into Erotica as reader, I knew at once that I wanted to experience the genre from an author's perspective. I wanted my characters to have more sexual freedom and I wanted to know what it'd feel like to write those freedoms.
For instance, my debut title: Truth In Sensuality. The main characters Lucilla Fairchild and Ryken Gabrielle are stars of an 'adult' drama who come to the realization that they aren't just acting for the camera. Chisulo Nkosi, the hero of my second Erotic Romance: Ruler of Perfection was exciting to create as a shape-shifter.
Now, I'm not saying stars of adult dramas and shapeshifters don't exist in contemporary romances, but remember those freedoms I spoke of? They were the next layer of my interest in writing for this genre. That descriptive element, the explicit nature of erotica are characteristics you'd be hard pressed to find elsewhere.
Most times, I like to take on a new challenge just to see if I can do it. Writing Erotica has allowed me to challenge myself- to take my writing into unexplored territory.
And I had/have such a great time with it! Using that blunt, explicit lingo that brings the heat not only to the sex scenes but to the dialogue has been very refreshing. Coming up with outrageous plot twists and shocking myself with how far I can take a love scene...I'm really enjoying this...
And I hope you'll enjoy a little Erotic Freedom the next time you curl up with a T. Onyx...

New by T. Onyx in 2011 "Pleasure's Powerhouse"

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