Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Balancing Acts

When people talk about balancing acts in terms of their lives, they are usually speaking of tending to several different responsibilities and keeping them on an even keel.

I'm often asked how I balance my day job, my writing career, being a mom, a significant other and now a graduate student. As I thought about this blog, I jotted down these very things and decided I'd write about the parts and importance those things play or hold in my life.

Once those responsibilities were jotted down; however, I realized that these were not items that could be listed and ranked for me.

Instead, it occurred to me that these were items that; while totally different things, they each mixed, mingled and complimented one another-as one.

I believe that's the best answer I have when asked how I balance it all. When thought of as separate responsibilities, I could very well overwhelm myself in trying to rank them or given them all equal attention. Viewing them as moving parts of one thing-my life, is the way I do it.

My work (day job) allows me to support my family. My writing is my passion which fulfills me and enhances who I am as a person, allowing me to be more engaging as a mom and significant other. Graduate school, I hope, will enhance my work which will improve my ability to support my family-thus the cycle continues.

I hope this blog will be yet another piece that will compliment the whole-engaging my readers and making you all more a part of my life.

I look forward to sharing my updates on the new Ramsey/Tesano series as well as upcoming titles written as T. Onyx (my next story will feature 3 friends who discover the benefits of being more than friends). I will also discuss my Young Adult projects. I plan to release my debut contemporary YA title "The Expectation of Beauty" this year. I have also completed the rough draft of my 2nd YA title "Eternal" which will be a mix of romance, fantasy and of course suspense.

I encourage you to add this feed and stay tuned to see how I balance it all.



Latest releases: "As Good As The First Time", "Layers"


  1. I bet when you did your jotting down, you were a tad bit impressed, surprised or such descriptions as to how much you DO....I know, I was when I did. Looking forward to following you as you balance it all.

  2. I can't wait to check out "Eternal!"

  3. Hi Rhea,

    That's why I try not to do much "jotting" just taking a look at all that makes me tired!!
    Thanks so much for the response.


  4. Just finished the outline for "Eternal". Had the idea and went with it. I am so ready to write this one and see what I'll do with it. Hope you guys will be pleased!

    Thanks for checking in!

  5. Hi Altonya,
    This blog is just another avenue for you to share your thoughts and writing with you many reader. As always we are sitting on the edge of our seat waiting for the next book..........We all know that you think you are giving us to much at a time but trust and believe that is not true. I know I am not the only impatient reader you have..:) smiling that
    is waiting for the next book. Keep them coming
    they all sound so excited especially about the 3 friends who discover the benefits of being more than friends).

    When will this book be release and tentative what is the title.


  6. Hi Louise,

    Sorry for the late reply. The title you're referring to hasn't really been given a title yet, but I do hope to release it sometime in 2011- outline is done, just need to get it written and revised. It will be another T. Onyx erotic romance...

    Stay tuned....